I’ve been missing from the writing world for a little while!  Which might not surprise you… I’m always on the move!  But can I just tell you that, I’ve been spending a lot of time over on my *newest* YouTube Channel…. which has been an exciting release for me.

I have it set up to where I don’t publish on a schedule.  It is just what my channel name says at this point.  It’s Randomly Jess.  So, I post when I can.  When I have something to share.  I am hoping to still publish 3 time a week, but the pressure is definitely gone.  The worry about what I am going to post on this date… it isn’t there.  I can film and edit as I have time.  (Which by the way… I don’t have much of right now… because I’ve picked up so much overtime the end of this month and into the next.)

I have been finding it has been pretty relaxing for me lately to sit and talk to the camera instead of trying to find the words when I’m typing.  So, yeah… that is where I have been lately.

If you want to play catch-up, feel free to go check it out… Randomly Jess.


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